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NEXUM®-BDE Designer V3

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The NEXUM®-BDE Designer V3 software is used for setting up complex factory control systems. A graphic layout interface is available for this purpose. Entire production facilities comprising electronic tools, programmable logic controllers, ID systems and all other necessary elements can be parametrized without any programming knowledge. After initial commissioning, the plant operator has a tool available that enables designing a complete production unit without programming knowledge, adapting it to production requirements and making short-term modifications himself.

Complete production operations at a glance

Works location – Production line – Work step sequence – Conveying systems – PLC – Controlled tool systems – Hand scanner: These are the dimensions of complex production operations. After being assigned the suitable template, the entire plant can be designed, from the production cycle to final inspection, using NEXUM®-BDE Designer. The Designer combines all individual elements to form one working unit. Once set up and stored in the database, only the suitable parametrization must be activated in the station; no laborious programming in the plant, no production interruptions for modifications. Just start the Executer and continue producing.

From the hall down to the tightener program

The factory is always the top element, followed by the hall, a number of production lines, many cycles and communication partners. Each element receives its unambiguous key at the level in question. This hierarchy is defined using an F key picture which is virtually a template. So every production element has its unique key and can be addressed with this key.

From the model down to the tiniest screw

Each product includes a large number of sub-assemblies, parts and fixing points. Here the P key picture provides a structure for the process. Every sub-assembly, every part and every screw receives its own unique key which can be assigned to an equally unique tool at a later date. This information is used for creating a work schedule which is animated graphically at the station using NEXUM-BDE Executer and which guides the employees there. The recorded work results are equally unambiguous and represent the basis for downstream quality control loops and statistic evaluations.

Making changes yourself using drag and drop

Every production line is subject to modifications during its service life. The model is upgraded, a new tool is installed or only a screw with different material characteristics is used – this is where modifications become necessary. With NEXUM-BDE Designer, a trained employee can carry out process modifications, relocate tools or replace them by other tools, run the process with another program or have the assembly of a part carried out at another place without assistance.
The modification does not work and everything should be as it was before? Revision management ensures that the desired plant condition can be restored with few mouse clicks.

You have your plant under your control

In the past, an expert had to turn up every time a modification had to be made and program all changes, even those of very small extent. With NEXUM-BDE Designer, the trained scheduler or plant operator can make changes himself. The multi-language capability, also for RTL languages or your partners in Asia, makes it easy to use NEXUM-BDE internationally.