ATON GmbH - Expert for software development. Pioneer in screw data management in automotive, logistics & high-tech sectors
Automation in automotive / automotive production, logistics and high technology

ATON - Your reliable partner

Software development, software parameterisation, commissioning

For more than 30 years, ATON GmbH has been acting as an extremely reliable partner for the most renowned customers in the fields of Automotive, Logistics and (High-)Technology even under the most critical working and production conditions.

Do you want error-free factory control with failure-free production? Screw data or quality data should be collected and analysed? Production should be optimised with the best possible factory automation? In this case, ATON GmbH is exactly the right partner for your company! Convince yourself!

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Digitalization in screw data management in automotive engineering with AI

What has made us unique in software development for more than 30 years?

Technical brilliance ...

paired with new individual and groundbreaking solutions from a completely new perspective: NEXUM®. A revolutionary, cross-interface product line that essentially consists of six parts:

  1. Designer - Design your production
  2. Executer - Run your solutions
  3. Communicator - Cross-interface communication is ensured
  4. Analysis - Analyse every step of your production
  5. Servicelogistik - Organise everything perfectly
  6. OZ - Dynamic warehouse management with location management

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AI controlled digitalized software worker guidance in automotive manufacturing in the digital factory as well as parameterizations, commissioning, software documentations, updates & support.


More than just software development

ATON will not let you down - you can absolutely trust us. At ATON, cooperation does not end with the delivery of the finished software. In order to relieve you in the long term, we are happy to take over the entire parameterisation of the software as well as the actual commissioning of your systems at the customer's request.<>

Documentations as well as professional trainings created by ATON GmbH ensure smooth use of our software in your company.

Since the software is continuously supplied with updates and support over the entire life cycle, you are permanently on the safe side.

You need a 24-hour hotline, 365 days a year? ATON - We are your partner!

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Software and analyses for factory automation, production and management

Professional. Fast. Cost-saving. Understandable.
Sure - with ATON, of course.

Production optimisation

The better is the enemy of the good. We analyse, network and optimise your production sustainably.

Contact & Support

We are always available for you. Even 24/7, 365 days a year. Worldwide.

Dreams of the future?

We conjure up the software of tomorrow in your business environment today!


Not only do we develop the software quickly, but it also works as fast as an arrow.


Our documentation is written from the user's point of view and is therefore self-explanatory.


With our software, you play it safe. Of course certified according to ISO 9000 and TISAX.

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