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NEXUM® BDE Executer V3

NEXUM® BDE Executer V3

A new dimension in graphic process management of automated production operations. Integration of higher-level factory control systems, conveying equipment, tightening and welding systems of all brands thanks to modular interface programming. Graphic interfaces and multi-language work instructions ensure safe handling of all procedure instructions in every production cycle.

The Executer – your local control room

Monitors with touchscreen capability give the user an overview of all process steps in the production cycle.

The integrated touch keyboard allows safe entry of useful information even when wearing gloves.

Identifying the worker by an electronic identity card reader is possible, just as defining different user authorizations for making the decision as to who is allowed to execute which operating steps.


Process graphics show what must be done and the correct order. Specific interfaces actuate the connected tool according to the work schedule, animate the measuring point and inform the employee. After completion of the work, the PC transmits a finished message to the conveyors which transport the workpiece away.

Every worker guidance for a production line is parametrized in the Designer – no matter how many station PCs are running.

Once set up, all modifications can be made locally with the Designer, without the need for any programming.

Final inspection

harp eyes of the responsible employee assisted by the Executer surface inspection allow detecting faults at the end of a production line and reworking them, depending on the degree of seriousness.

Scratches, excessive gap dimensions – whatever deteriorates quality, the fault is eliminated in the rework process and acknowledged on the PC.

Quality is always under observation

Why is this tightening result Not OK? Touching the measuring point provides the explanation.

The dot is red although everything is OK? A local OK acknowledgement is possible.

You have to obtain your superior’s authorization? He logs in with his works identity card and acts according to his authorization.

Whoever is authorized to do what: it can be set on the Executer

Status check

One glance is enough to know which step is the next to be carried out. The local employee is always aware of the plant status. A list of possible options:

The measuring point has not received an order. No information was transmitted yet
Alles in Ordnung. Der Messpunkt Everything is OK. The tool has properly dealt with the measuring point
This operation was not successful and must be reworked
Wenn so umrandet, ist der If edged in this way, this point has been positioned either by an external control system or manually
Die Nacharbeit, entweder in der Reworking either in the station or in a downstream Q box was successful
Die NA-Operation ist NOK verlaufen. The reworking operation was not successful. The workpiece must be removed from the production process
Rework can start
Das Werkzeug hat das Programm und The tool has received the program and the enabling. The operation can start
This measuring point must be treated, but the tool is not ready yet