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Nexum® BDE Analysis V3

Nexum® BDE Analysis V3

Statistical analysis of all recorded data in production increase productivity and customer satisfaction

NEXUM®- BDE Analysis gives quality assurance a detailed overview of how well production works. Every day, thousands of quality results are stored in the database. Our statistics program calculates parameters and makes them clear in meaningful graphics for the presentation. Mathematically precise methods make it possible to optimize quality and productivity.


Just select a period, one or several shifts, stations or production areas and with one mouse click, you get:

  • Measuring value graphs
  • Gaussian distributions
  • Evaluations through the probability paper
  • Cp– und Cpk values
  • Top 50 or: which stations are the 50 worst stations
  • Status code evaluation
  • Nine’s field matrix
  • Aggregate statistics
  • EXCEL export

and many more. With these tools, your quality department is able to optimize the production processes.