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About us

ATON was founded in 1991 by Ralf Uetze. We started our first automotive application in collaboration wit BOSCH Rexroth in Wolfsburg for a single station.

In the meantime we have customers all around the world. They’re all using NEXUM-BDE and NEXUM-Service Logistics to grant quality for their products and services.

We have Service points around the world to grant you the professional support when you need it.
Our vision:

Since many years, the company ATON GmbH deals successfully with the development of powerful programs in the divisions of service and warehouse logistics, as well as the real-time production data acquisition (PDA) in production and manufacturing environments.

Maximizing the benefit for our customers as part of a Partnership by using innovative ATON products is our guiding principle.

The increase in productivity, flexible manufacturing, ensuring quality standards in the production and reduction of rework costs and product recalls are goals of our development activities.

Usability of our programs and the practical implementation are our main contents of consistent customer orientation.
Our history:

  • 1991: Founding ATON GmbH
  • 1992: First use of Nexum in the workshop area
  • 1993: First use the Process Engine with control algorithms in the storage area
  • 1994: market launch of NEXUM®-OZ
  • 1996: First Internet module for flow control in logistics
  • 1997: First use of NEXUM®-BDE in the automotive industry for production data acquisition
  • 1998: Nexum allows the coordination of external service
  • 1999: First use of NEXUM®-BDE in Mexico
  • 2001: The Software Suite NEXUM® with all it’s modules is in more than ten countries in use
  • 2002: NEXUM-BDE takes over the complete data acquisition for the VW van production. First use of our innovative graphical rework concept
  • 2003: Graphical Nexum BDE job instruction in all VW Golf production facilities VW Golf in use
  • 2004: NEXUM-BDE in the body shell of the Passat B6 in use
  • 2005: NEXUM Form Designer as new feature for NEXUM Service Logistics
  • 2006 NEXUM Applications Server for Smart Devices
  • 2010: Third generation of Nexum on the market. Parameterization using drag and drop, Analysis, dimensional control, robot interface, factory control
  • 2012: Introduction of Nexum BDE V3 in the new VW sites Kaluga and Foshan and at Ford in Turkey
  • 2014 Nexum-BDE V3 manages Switching Device Production at Siemens in Frankfurt