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The heart of every logistics system: NEXUM® OZ controls the warehouse from a PC in the administration building, on handheld and tablet computers. Main functions: dynamic warehouse management, efficient administration of high-bay warehouses, location administration.

Incoming goods under control

After the ticket has been created and the incoming goods have been identified, a storage label can be prepared. Individual package or mixed-load pallet – NEXUM® OZ automatically approaches the correct storage location address.

Newly packaged, loaded, delivered

The customer has placed an order and wants to have the goods as quickly as possible. Tailor-made interfaces with your commercial partner start the process chain without delay so that “Ordered today, delivered tomorrow” becomes reality.

Quality assurance

Each type of goods needs to be treated adequately. This applied to both new compilations of pallets and the packaging.

NEXUM® OZ gives clear work instructions up to instructions for the fork lift truck driver and the order-picking staff, thus ensuring path optimization.


In warehouse logistics as well, some things do not last forever. You can access every packaging unit in your warehouse at any time. The integrated location administration in NEXUM® OZ helps in this respect.

PDA server control

Own PDA application servers distribute all essential commissioning data to the PDAs in less than 50 ms per transaction.

Invoice module

A powerful module that can be adapted to suit your needs is available for invoicing your services such as space rents and handling costs.

Report designer

our address has changed or legal provisions must be implemented? Does that mean reprogramming? Not with us! We give you a tool you can use for modifying the layout of your documents and labels yourself.


For exchanging data with external software such as financial accounting, courier services etc., suitable libraries are available up to a web shop.