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ATON Software Engineering

Who we are

We are ATON. A highly dynamic German company operating worldwide, especially in the heart of the large automotive industry, the logistics industry as well as (high) technology. We take (screw) data management and sophisticated (statistical) analysis to the next level. For more than 30 years, we have been acting as a reliable driver of innovation and supporting our customers with sustainable developments to implement fail-safe solutions in the sense of a zero-fault strategy.

What has made us unique in software development for more than 30 years?

Technical brilliance paired with new individual and groundbreaking solutions from a completely new perspective: NEXUM®. A revolutionary, cross-interface product line that essentially consists of six parts:
  1. Designer - Design your production
  2. Executer - Run your solutions
  3. Communicator - Communication is ensured
  4. Analysis - Analyse every step of your production
  5. Servicelogistik - Organise your logistics perfectly
  6. OZ - Dynamic warehouse management with location management

What makes us so special in personal contact with the customer?

ATON stands not only for distinctive technical brilliance, but also for particular personal strengths in individual contact with the customer. The ATON philosophy puts the customer in the focus of interest - he and his concerns deserve the fullest attention. It is therefore not surprising that customers are met with the greatest attention, problem-solving competence and positive honesty. Do you need staff on site at your company? Gladly - our employees are on duty for you worldwide and every day.

The customer - one among many?

Do you sometimes feel like one customer among many with some contractors? For Aton every customer is unique. And ATON treats them just as uniquely. Instead of unknown voices of an outsourced telephone hotline or a chatbot, you speak to personal contacts. Contact persons whom you have already got to know personally, for example through commissioning, parameterisation or training. personally through commissioning, parameterisation or training. Do you need support outside regular business hours? Do you want to ensure smooth production at all times within the framework of highly critical production processes? In this case, too, ATON naturally has just the right solution for you: a personal hotline. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Do we still need to mention with which staff the telephone hotline is manned? Certainly not, because you will already guess the answer after reading the preceding lines: The telephone hotline is of course staffed with those employees who have the best qualifications and experience for your personal case ... and of course at the same time with those employees you already know and appreciate from the trusting cooperation with ATON GmbH.

We are ATON. We have been securing production, service and logistics worldwide since 1991 with a trusting and cooperative partnership at eye level with customers.

You would like to get in touch with us?

Then get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Lindenstraße 2, 38154 Königslutter, Deutschland
  • Tel. +49 5353 9175-0
  • info@atongmbh.de