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Software updates are an important part of every computer system and every device running software. Updates are released regularly at best and very irregularly at worst by software manufacturers and / or device manufacturers to correct bugs, close security gaps or even add new functionalities. Often, the installation of all available updates proves to be extremely relevant in order to maintain the security and performance of the IT system used.

Software updates can basically be downloaded and installed automatically or manually. Most operating systems have an automatic update service by default that regularly checks for the latest version, downloads it if necessary and installs it. Manual operating system updates can be performed via the Settings or Control Panel, usually by selecting the update option and clicking or instructing the Download or Install button. In the case of installed computer programs, a distinction can also be made between automatic and manual updates. In the context of manual updates, a distinction can often be made between manual updates by the company using the software on the one hand and manual updates by the software developer or software service provider providing the software on the other.

There are several reasons for the relevance of software updates. Firstly, updates or patches can close important security holes to ensure that the system is protected against possible malicious attacks. Secondly, they can fix bugs and problems that slow down, destabilise or even crash the system. Thirdly, updates can add new features that improve the functionality of the system so that users can work more effectively and efficiently.

It should also be borne in mind that the installation of updates is not necessarily crowned with success and does not necessarily bring about the desired improvements. Sometimes updates can lead to new problems, such as compatibility problems, system slowdowns or system instabilities. For this reason, it is advisable to create a backup of the system before installing the update so that you can restore the system to its previous state in the event of a problem occurring. At the latest as soon as problems occur or programs behave unexpectedly, the technical support of the software developer should be involved.

In summary, software updates are of utmost importance as they can improve the performance, stability, security and functionalities of the software in use. However, it should always be noted that the latest update is not necessarily the perfect update per se and backups should be made to restore the saved data if necessary.

Updates from ATON - a sure thing

For more than 30 years, ATON is a very close partner to the most renowned and best-known customers in the automotive, logistics and (high-)technology sectors and provides extensively tested updates for the software developed by ATON for installation or installs them directly for customers.

Our software is continuously developed and provided with updates so that our customers are always on the safe side.

A classic software update is not enough for you, but you need further functionalities?

No problem! Individual further developments of the software on behalf of the customer are possible at any time and are of course carried out on schedule.

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