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NEXUM Servicelogistik: Abdeckung der gesamten Prozesskette vom Wareneingang bis zum Warenausgang

NEXUM Servicelogistik - Functions at a glance

From incoming goods to the organisation of external service providers, editable algorithms, advance exchange, repair processing, external warehouse delivery to the intelligent control of outgoing goods - with NEXUM® Service Logistics, customers are given all the tools they need to control the workflow professionally and efficiently.

Incoming goods

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Incoming goods Once the notified product has reached the service provider, it is decided after identification at the Goods Receipt what should happen, e.g. repair, forwarding to an external service provider or storage. User-specific algorithms control the material flow until the end of each process.


NEXUM Servicelogistik: Repairs If repairs are necessary, NEXUM® Service Logistics already decides on the further procedure after scanning the incoming goods label. The repair can either be carried out in the in-house repair department or by an external service provider. The unit may also have to undergo a load test first.

Advance exchange

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Advance exchange Depending on the support contract concluded with the customer, NEXUM® Service Logistics uses the customer data stored in the system to decide at the helpdesk whether the customer will receive a replacement in the form of a pre-exchange or has to arrange for the shipment himself.

Editable algorithms

User-defined flow charts, i.e. editable algorithms, enable the flexible handling of all processes in warehousing, starting with goods receipt, through the organisation of storage locations, order picking to goods issue.

Modular process engine

Organisations and processes evolve over time. The modular process engine of NEXUM® Service Logistics enables and supports the development of your process organisation in the long term.

Burn in

The error is not immediately reproducible or after the repair the unit must be put through its paces according to the manufacturer's specifications? NEXUM® Service Logistics naturally provides the technician with all device-specific information for this purpose.

Electronic cash register systems and webshops

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Electronic cash register systems and webshops Do you run a warehouse outlet with connected electronic cash register systems? With the help of the cash register module integrated in NEXUM® Service Logistics, you are always in a position to access your stock, create delivery notes or even easily integrate a web shop into the service logistics.

Outgoing goods

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Outgoing goods Once the upstream processes from goods receipt and repair to the creation of delivery notes have been successfully completed, NEXUM® Service Logistics takes care of the creation of the shipping documents and labelling in the context of the outgoing goods so that everything arrives safely at the external service provider - or end customer.


NEXUM Servicelogistik: Distribution For the organisation of the sale or distribution of warehouse goods to external customers, whether after a written order, after an order via an integrated webshop or inbound/outbound through your call centre, extremely powerful networked modules are available via NEXUM® Service Logistics.

Spare parts warehouse

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Spare parts warehouse Almost every repair involves material consumption. The question is: Are the necessary spare parts available in sufficient quantities in the spare parts warehouse? NEXUM® Servicelogistik does not leave you alone in answering this question. To ensure that your repair department always has enough spare parts, NEXUM® Servicelogistik calculates when a reorder has to be placed with which manufacturer.


NEXUM Servicelogistik: Reports Do you have to report to your business partners or customers and submit corresponding reports? Do they need quantitative key figures to convince themselves of your performance? We will of course create the corresponding qualified report templates for you for this purpose. These templates can be adapted to the respective specifications by you or our support team at any time.


NEXUM Servicelogistik: Information Reports are not only particularly relevant for external stakeholders. Reports - or rather the information listed in them - also have a special significance for internal stakeholders. For example, NEXUM® Service Logistics can be used to create its own modules for internal quality assurance.

Office organisation

NEXUM Servicelogistik: Office organisation Of course, NEXUM® Servicelogistik also supports you with office organisation.

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