... Dynamic warehouse management with location management

NEXUM OZ: Lagersteuerung, dynamisches Lagermanagement sowie effiziente Verwaltung von Hochregallagern und Standorten


NEXUM® OZ controls the warehouse in administration on PCs, handhelds and tablets. Main functions are dynamic warehouse management, quality assurance, invoicing, flexible layout design of reports, efficient management of high-bay warehouses and location management.

Incoming goods under control

NEXUM OZ: Incoming goods under control Once the ticket has been created and the goods receipt has been recorded, a warehouse label can be created. Whether it is a single parcel, a single type of pallet or even a mixed pallet - NEXUM®OZ automatically directs to the correct storage location address. Without wasting time, without searching, without having to ask different people.

Newly packed, loaded, delivered

NEXUM OZ: Newly packed, loaded, delivered The customer has ordered his goods. And now? Does he want to wait until his order is manually checked and then released? No. Instead, he wants to receive his goods as quickly as possible! Tailor-made interfaces to your trading partner set the process chain in motion immediately so that "ordered today, here tomorrow" becomes reality.

Quality assurance

NEXUM OZ: Quality assurance Every type of goods wants to be handled adequately. This also applies to the reassembly of pallets as well as to packaging. NEXUM® OZ ensures clear work instructions up to instructions for stackers and order pickers - keyword "route optimisation". NEXUM® OZ takes all relevant measures that contribute to the planning, control, improvement and fulfilment of quality standards and targets.


NEXUM OZ: Flexibility In the past, it was common practice in logistics to assign a fixed storage location to a particular item, which was then not changed. This approach was absolutely appropriate at that time for lack of better alternatives. Nowadays, however, these alternatives are available, so that even in warehouse logistics everything is no longer set in stone. You have access to every packaging unit in your warehouse at any time. The integrated location management in NEXUM® OZ helps with this.

PDA server control

NEXUM OZ: PDA server control Which company nowadays still wants to use the time-consuming paper-based order picking that was common in the past? Certainly not one! That's why we have developed our own solution that ensures the fastest possible order picking: Our own PDA application servers ensure the distribution of all essential picking data to the PDAs. And that in less than 50 ms per transaction.

Invoice module

NEXUM OZ: Invoice module In general, invoice modules are software applications that are designed to automate the process of creating invoices. They are used by businesses of all sizes to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily, and to keep track of transactions and payments. In NEXUM® OZ, a powerful module is available for billing your services, such as parking space rentals and handling costs, which can be adapted to your needs.

Report designer

NEXUM OZ: Reportdesigner Imagine that your address and / or your legally required information to be indicated on documents changes. In the past, this meant that either the internal graphics department or an external advertising agency would have been commissioned to graphically implement the necessary changes. This would often have been followed by time-consuming reprogramming of the layout in the office software used. Does programming still have to be necessary nowadays? No, not with us! We give you a tool with which you can change the layout of your documents and labels yourself.


NEXUM OZ: Interfaces In the past, the question of data exchange with other internal departments as well as external partners did not arise. It was a matter of course to hand over data, for example, in paper form or on other data carriers such as punched cards or diskettes, or to send them by fax. But who wants to resort to such antiquated methods nowadays? Certainly no one. In order to exchange data with external software such as financial accounting, courier services, etc. right up to the web shop, suitable libraries are available nowadays.

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