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NEXUM Analysis

NEXUM Analysis - Reasons for using it in your company

You are probably familiar with the following situation: The working day starts early in the morning. Numerous emails are in your inbox. Your supervisor asks you for a meeting at short notice in which you are "asked" to take on an extremely urgent, high-priority task, although your working day is already completely scheduled until the end of the working day and does not allow for any free space for further activities. On top of that, there are the other tasks in the day-to-day business - especially the analysis of the production in order to avoid production losses, production interruptions as well as a universally dreaded line stoppage. But what to do? Time is limited! This scenario is not unknown to you? It often corresponds to your everyday working life as well? Don't worry, get ready to leave the past behind you, because the solution is simple: why not leave the analyses to an expert who will provide you with all the data extremely professionally, error-free and in seconds, and who will work for you 24 hours a day. What is the name of the expert? NEXUM, NEXUM Analysis!

Your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability in view at all times

You have already connected the factory control with the production cycle or production with NEXUM and thus set up the existential cornerstone for an uninterrupted and failure-free production as well as the safeguarding of your quality data? Then we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this step, because you have already initiated everything necessary for smooth production. But wouldn't it be even better if, in addition, the collected data were also analysed and evaluated to make your existing processes even more efficient and effective and to increase profitability? Of course, with NEXUM® Analsysis, ATON offers you exactly the right, turnkey and practice-proven solution for this.

Evaluation of measurement data for quality investigations and quality assurance

NEXUM Analysis is used to evaluate and analyse recorded measurement data. With the help of various sophisticated mathematical and statistical procedures, the quality of production can be measured. In the manufacturing industry, regular reports are expected from quality assurance. NEXUM®-BDE Analysis allows corresponding quality examinations to be carried out according to ISO and retrieved as required.

The most detailed analyses at expert level at the push of a button in seconds

With NEXUM® Analysis, measured value curves can be visualised, evaluations can be carried out via the probability network, CP values and CPk values can be analysed and, for example, the 50 best or worst stations can be identified in the simplest way, as well as status code evaluations, nine-field matrices and cumulative statistics can be displayed. Or in other words, somewhat simplified: NEXUM® Analysis can be used to evaluate all production-relevant data that NEXUM® Analysis can access. So why analyse the data laboriously "by hand" when NEXUM® Analysis can do this task for you objectively in a matter of seconds virtually "at the touch of a button"? Automated evaluations of the highest perfection - what does that actually mean? Less effort than with manual evaluations and at the same time more free time available for all the other extremely important tasks that you still have to deal with in the shortest possible time because your superiors are breathing down your neck! Against the background of the scarce resource "time", what more could one wish for?!

Of course, the data can be exported for further processing in a spreadsheet or for use in a presentation, for example. With this information, the QA department is able to optimise the production processes of a factory and thus ensure effective as well as commercially efficient production.

Tailored exactly to your needs

Based on the decades of experience of ATON GmbH in the field of measurement data management, bolt data management and data management in general, those analysis indicators have been selected for NEXUM® Analysis which are of particular relevance in production in the automotive industry, in logistics and in (high) technology. However, should you require special analyses against the background of your specific production, ATON GmbH will of course be happy to provide you with a version of NEXUM® Analysis adapted to your individual needs.

NEXUM® Analysis - THE tool for your quality assurance and your personal relief! Tried and tested. Successful. Simply for excellence in production.

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