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For more than 30 years, ATON GmbH has been acting as a close partner to the most renowned customers in the automotive industry and the automotive sector in general.

ATON GmbH revolutionised the factory automation of the 21st century with its top-class screw data management. In this context, ATON placed itself at the forefront of the automotive sector as a pioneer with Industry 4.0 technology. A word that is now a set term in corporate specifications and automotive: NEXUM®. Do these words sound a little too pathetic to your ears?

Then it will be because you do not yet use NEXUM® in your production environment. Or you have not yet gained any corresponding experience with NEXUM®, because our customers who use NEXUM®, their planners, maintenance personnel and workers on the assembly line rave about NEXUM®.

The immediate result: Successful cooperation with the world's largest and most important manufacturers in the automotive industry classifies ATON as a company of senior management. As a Champions League winner in software development, which has not only placed great emphasis on professionalism, reliability, partnership and technical innovations for more than 30 years, but also lives them every day in interaction with its customers. ATON plays a decisive role in the most important production and success-critical processes of the automotive industry, a core element of quality and quantity. ATON composed a symphony of efficiency, effectiveness, usability and production safety on the entire available keyboard of software engineering for the automotive industry. The birth of the revolution. The baptism of innovation.

However, this successful cooperation and innovation in the automotive sector was not implemented as part of a short-term project ordered by the management of the car manufacturers together with the customers in order to achieve quick successes. The objective was rather to develop an optimal software support for an optimal production. And, of course, to implement this optimally by means of a professional change management process, so that the effects would of course also have a short-term effect, but in particular also have a long-term and sustainable positive impact both on the economic production figures and on the satisfaction of the employees working in production. From the point of view of many of those who judged the situation at the time, this was a bold and foolhardy undertaking. From the point of view of many others, even a suicide mission. As one of the managing directors of ATON® and inventor of the NEXUM® systems always liked to say: "From nothing, nothing can come and nothing is impossible.

The successful journey into the heart of the automotive industry began in 1991 with nothing more than a computer, a small individual office, extremely good ideas and the technical expertise and pronounced passion to successfully implement these ideas for the customers.

At that time, however, the name ATON was in no way a household word in the industry. For no one could have guessed the extent to which this computer, this single office and these ideas would ignite a lasting revolution in the bolt data management of the automotive sector.

Then came NEXUM®. NEXUM® changed everything. An invention that most of those involved in screw data management have been familiar with for decades. The industry was shaken by a big bang, often referred to as the blue big bang of factory automation. The world's first visual worker guidance in combination with all-encompassing analysis algorithms, which can control and map production in its individual parts through the finest technical and mathematical procedures, conquered the market and spread like a virus in the melting pot of the screw data management sector in the automotive industry. A stone had started rolling considerably and it kept rolling inexorably. A prime example of how true quality always wins out in the end. With the finest commissioning knowledge, extraordinarily extensive and rich experience as well as unchallenged technical expertise, which was available on the fly, it was possible to put the software into operation and carry out a successful change process in the automotive sector. The main challenge here was not only to optimise the technology, make production more efficient and minimise susceptibility to faults through intensive training programs, but above all to bring the people along with them. To support the workers, maintenance staff and planners who actually make the daily business on site as profitable as it is, to take them by the hand and to tread a new path in the automotive industry not alone, but together.

From the beginning of the 90s, factory automation was successively realised in the entire field of automotive using NEXUM® software. In the course of the mid-90s up to the turn of the millennium, NEXUM® spread further and redefined screw data management. Not only nationally, but also internationally from the turn of the millennium. NEXUM® worldwide - of course extremely successful in use.

Green IT and sustainability have always been practised at ATON. Be it through optimal programming / optimal algorithms, through bundling and minimising database queries. Not to forget a general minimisation of the network load or also the avoidance of superfluous redundant data storage.

The NEXUM® EXECUTER, the NEXUM® DESIGNER, NEXUM® ANALYSIS, as well as the NEXUM® Communicator were and are since then more and more an integral part of the success- and production-critical IT infrastructure of the largest automotive groups in the world, which made and still makes these unique components and revolutionary software objects central and indispensable analysis and control tools of the automotive.

ATON GmbH is active in the automotive sector and the automotive industry in the following fields:

  • Segment
    • Car manufacturer with mass market coverage
    • Car manufacturer covering the premium segment
  • Drive technology
    • Automobile manufacturer with focus on combustion engines
    • Automobile manufacturer with a focus on electromobility

Reasons for the cooperation of the automotive industry with ATON at a glance

  • ATON is a global pioneer in the management of screw data
  • ATON has more than 30 years of extremely sound experience in screw data management
  • ATON has more than 30 years of extremely sound experience in securing quality data
  • ATON enjoys an excellent reputation as a proven specialist in the analysis of any production-relevant data
  • ATON demonstrates a proven customer focus every day
  • Customers appreciate the exceptional efficiency, effectiveness and downtime-free production provided by the NEXUM® family products
  • Customers benefit from uninterrupted production even if the higher-level factory control system fails, as NEXUM® keeps production going
  • ATON supports customers in green IT and sustainability! How? Through optimal programming, the lowest possible database queries or general minimisation of the network load and avoidance of superfluous redundant data storage.

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