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Commissioning ... Basic concerns and goals

Commissioning in manufacturing engineering refers to the process by which production equipment, machinery, computer controls and other devices are put into operation to enable a specific production. This involves various steps and tests to ensure that all components are working properly & are coordinated with each other.

Successful commissioning is critical for high quality production & maintaining precise manufacturing operations. Errors in commissioning can lead to delays, quality problems and inefficient workflows. Therefore, it is important that people with the appropriate expertise carry out this process.

Professional commissioning ...

You can certainly put yourself in the following situation: In your company, a new software or a new control system has to be put into operation. But who can carry out this commissioning? Firstly, do you have enough employees with free capacities? Do these employees also have the necessary expertise to implement the upcoming tasks professionally and error-free? And thirdly, do these employees know from their day-to-day work exactly what to do when errors occur? At this point, we would only like to point out the necessity of permanent training and further education for the employees involved in commissioning. At this point, let us simply assume that these employees are present in your company and have carried out the commissioning.

... or expensive failures after all?

So far, so good. But now the real horror scenario is just beginning: the software or the control system is working in production mode and production is going on - as it should be. In the automotive sector, for example, one vehicle after another is driven from one cycle to the next. Everything is fine so far. But then, suddenly and out of the blue, the software and/or the control system fails. During the night shift, of course. No expert is available. The result: the line stops. Production stops. Production losses not only threaten, they occur. During commissioning, costs were saved to a small extent by outsourcing the commissioning, but the damage now incurred runs into the hundreds of thousands or even millions. And all because a potential problem was overlooked during commissioning. A problem that may only occur once per hundred thousand cars produced.

The classic question: Who is to blame?

Can an internal "expert" be blamed for this? An employee who simply lacks the experience of producing hundreds of thousands of cars? To be fair, one would have to say that this employee "should" not be blamed for this. Whether this employee - and his superiors - will nevertheless be reproached is another matter. The fact is that in many companies, both the employees carrying out the work and their superiors have been released from their work after such incidents, even though they actually only meant well. Does it have to come to this?

Back to the core task: Professional start-ups

The real question is: Does it have to get to the point where a band stop or production stoppage happens with immense financial damage, or should this problem not be avoided in advance? The solution to avoid this problem altogether is quite simple. And this solution has had a name for more than 30 years: ATON. ATON is the specialist for successful commissioning. Commissioning that does not bring beads of sweat to the customer's forehead. ATON prefers to put a smile on the customer's face that both commissioning and production are extremely successful. Long-term success, of course, i.e. even taking into account problems that occur in, say, only 0.01% of the cars to be produced. ATON combines extremely high competence with an immense wealth of experience based on a large number of extremely successful start-ups worldwide in a unique way.

For more than 30 years, ATON GmbH has been acting as a close partner to the most renowned customers in the automotive, logistics and (high) technology sectors, commissioning software and control systems for them. Und warum vertrauen uns diese namhaften und äußerst auf beste Fertigungsqualität fokussierten Kunden? Because they trust ATON. They trust in our proven expertise, which we demonstrate every day in our day-to-day business, in our human qualities and in our readiness to fully commit ourselves to our customers' needs at all times until every customer requirement is fulfilled 100%.

We carry out the commissioning of our software products in close coordination with the customer, either remotely or on-site at the customer's premises with our own staff, in order to ensure the best possible project implementation. At the customer's request, we also carry out even commissioning of third-party software and controls.

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