NEXUM®-BDE Communicator

... Communication for failure-free production

NEXUM Communicator - failure-free production from factory control to production cycle

NEXUM Communicator - the central connecting element between factory control and production

You don't see him, you don't hear him. But he is there, invisibly and extremely professionally doing his job for you in the background. Day in, day out. How can you tell that he is there? Quite simple: your production runs as it should!

NEXUM Communicator - the control centre on site The NEXUM®-BDE Communicator is the connecting element between the central factory control on the one hand and the production cycle and the production plant on the other. The application receives preliminary data, generates production orders from these and sends quality data and status data back to the central order control after completion of the production process.

The data connection to the factory control system has failed? Or has even the entire control system failed? Is uninterrupted and failure-free production a foreign concept?

NEXUM Communicator: From factory control to the production cycle. Perfect screwdriving data management with professional and audit-proof documentation of quality data For one or the other person responsible for production, this scenario could already trigger cold sweat on the forehead as well as cardiac arrhythmia. Users of the NEXUM®-BDE Communicator can instead fully concentrate on restoring the functionality of the factory control. Why? Quite simple: The NEXUM®-BDE Communicator ensures that production simply continues as if nothing had happened at all. Regardless of whether ten, one hundred or several thousand production orders that have already been entered are still outstanding. No interruption of production. Failure-free production. This is NEXUM®.

NEXUM-BDE Communicator: Whatever you want to call it: whether it's failure-free production or uninterrupted production - NEXUM keeps production running! The main task of NEXUM Communicator is to prepare the build order for the production process. The build order contains fields such as workpiece number, sequence information and variant codes. This data is stored in a translation table by the communicator. Each station automatically synchronises these build orders in its local memory and is thus independent of the hall network. In the cycle itself, NEXUM®-BDE Executer creates all jobs from locally stored files. All collected result data can be rendered in a single stream and automatically sent to the leading system with the Communicator.

This technology ensures your production at a highly available level. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Perhaps you are wondering what requirements your company needs to fulfill in order to be able to use our software for fail-safe and uninterrupted production?

The answer will amaze you: NEXUM®-BDE Communicator already comes with all the essentials. You only have to take care of the following points primarily:

  • The network must be fully installed and ready for operation
  • All relevant system components must be accessible
  • The bus system, if present, must be installed in terms of hardware and software and must be ready for operation
  • The database is installed and accessible
  • All devices relevant for operation and control of the system components (PLC, scanner, etc.) are fully connected
  • Rights for the installation have been granted
  • Database client software has been installed

That's it. ATON does the rest for you - and for your cost-optimised, interruption- and downtime-free production.

NEXUM®-BDE Communicator and your factory control system: One team, one goal. Simply efficient production.

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