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For more than 30 years, ATON GmbH has been acting as an extremely close, renowned and in every situation reliable partner of the most renowned customers - especially in the automotive, logistics and (high) technology sectors - and carries out parameterisations for them. Fast, safe, perfect - just as it should be!

Definition of the term parameterisation

The term parameterisation basically refers to the adaptation of a software to its intended use by setting the parameters required for it.

Carrier of the parameterisation

In parameterisation, a distinction can be made between parameterisation by the customer and parameterisation by the software manufacturer.

  1. Parameterisation by the customer: The customer carries out the parameterisation on his own. The prerequisite for this is a profound knowledge of the organisation of their own production on the one hand and equally profound knowledge of the structure and processes of the software used on the other.
  2. Parameterisation by the software manufacturer: The software manufacturer takes over the parameterisation in coordination with the customer. This also requires a profound knowledge of the organisation of the customer's production as well as the software architecture.

Weighing up between own parameterisation and third-party parameterisation

Which parameterisation carrier should be used depends on the specifics of the individual case. The following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Existence / commitment of human resources
  • Production complexity
  • Software complexity
  • Quality of the parameterisation

Advantages of parameterisation with the NEXUM®-BDE Designer

The NEXUM®-BDE Designer can justifiably be called an "jack of all trades":

  • The parameterisation of the NEXUM®-BDE Designer can be carried out by employees of your company as well as employees of ATON - also jointly
  • User-oriented, self-explanatory graphical user interface
  • Fear of costs due to necessary code programming for parameterisation of your systems or controls? Completely unfounded. At least with ATON.
  • No programming knowledge required for parameterisation
  • Simplest parameterisation through drag-and-drop
  • Changes to the parameterisation can be made in the simplest way possible
  • Changes need to be implemented quickly? No problem: Change parameterisation. Save. Activate. Done.
  • Fear of mistakes? Not necessary, thanks to revision management. Simply import the previous revision in seconds.

Advantages of parameterisation by ATON

  • The assumption of parameterisation by ATON does not tie up any of your company's personnel resources.
  • Regardless of the complexity of the production: the highly trained and experienced ATON employees parameterise every production exactly as desired by the customer - no matter how complex!
  • The NEXUM®-BDE Designer is the "Alice in Wonderland" of automated production. Take advantage of the competence and experience of ATON employees to gain new ideas and to get the "last percent" of optimisation out of your production.
  • Quality of parameterisation: More than 30 years of experience in worldwide parameterisation at the pioneer of screw data management and extremely satisfied customers. Any questions about quality? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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