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ATON - Unternehmensgeschichte

While the Egyptians delivered unique masterpieces of construction technology with the building of the pyramids, ATON GmbH revolutionised the field of screw data management in automated production as a first mover or pioneer. The foundation of ATON GmbH can thus also be described as the birth and beginning of professional screwdriving data management.

We are ATON. We have been securing production, service and logistics worldwide since 1991 with a trusting and cooperative partnership at eye level with customers. Why? Because this corresponds to the ATON corporate philosophy!

Past and present of ATON GmbH

1991 Foundation of the ATON company in the town of Königslutter am Elm

1992 First use of NEXUM®-BDE in the production environment

1993 First-time use of the process engine with control algorithms at a well-known German logistics company

1994 Market launch of NEXUM® OZ as a comprehensive control solution for warehouse logistics

1995 First installations abroad in Austria and the Netherlands

1996 First internet module for process control in the logistics industry

1997 First use of NEXUM®-BDE in the automotive industry for the production data acquisition of an entire production area

1998 NEXUM® enables the integration of external service providers

1999 NEXUM®-BDE is introduced at a leading automotive group in Mexico

2001 The NEXUM® software suite with all its modules is in use in more than ten countries

2002 NEXUM®-BDE takes over the data acquisition of the entire production at a leading car manufacturer in Germany. Gearbox assembly at a leading car manufacturer in Austria. First-time use of our innovative graphic rework concept.

2003 Graphical plant management is used in all production facilities of a German automotive group

2004 NEXUM®-BDE bodywork lines at a leading well-known car manufacturer in Germany. Engine assembly at a leading well-known car manufacturer in Germany.

2005 NEXUM Form Designer revolutioniert die Formularerstellung in der NEXUM® Servicelogistik

2006 In warehouse logistics, handhelds and PDAs can be controlled with the NEXUM® application server.

2008 Third generation of NEXUM® PDC software suite on the market. Fully modular concept for QDA, graphic worker guidance, station configuration and statistical result analysis. For the first time, plant parameterisation via drag and drop possible

2009 Introduction of NEXUM®-BDE V3 at an automotive site in Russia

2011 3D position recognition for precise tool control, NEXUM® PDA controls robots and acts as an interface to the higher-level factory control system

2012 Introduction of NEXUM®-BDE V3 at new automotive sites in China as well as in Turkey

2014 NEXUM®-BDE V3 controls the production of switchgear at a well-known technology group in Germany

2022 NEXUM®-BDE V3 is continuously developed in a customer-centric manner and is used at more than 18 large production sites with more than 40 production lines


Why do we ensure production, service and logistics at the very highest level worldwide and act at eye level with customers? Because we live and love customer orientation and progress! Our customers can therefore look forward to groundbreaking developments to optimise production, service and logistics in the future!

For ATON, the future begins every day! For you too? With ATON for sure! Let's make history together!

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