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Green IT and sustainability

Green IT, also synonymously referred to as "green computing" or "green technology", refers to the use of information technology and computers to promote environmental sustainability. Dies kann sich auf verschiedene Aspekte der IT beziehen, wie z.B.:

  • Energy efficiency: Optimising computer hardware, software and networks can reduce energy consumption, which can lead to savings in electricity costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Recycling: Proper disposal of IT hardware, especially electronic waste, is an important part of "green" IT. By reusing components and materials, valuable resources can be saved.
  • Virtualisation: Consolidation of servers and virtualisation of IT resources can reduce the need for physical hardware and thus lower energy consumption.
  • Procurement: Procuring energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hardware and services can help minimise the environmental impact of IT use.

Green IT in the automotive industry / automotive production

In the context of the automotive industry or automotive production, both use-related or vehicle-related and production-related approaches to implementing a green IT and sustainability strategy can be identified. These include, among others:

  • Electromobility: IT systems play an important role in the control of electric vehicles, especially in the monitoring of batteries and chargers. By using IT, electric vehicles can be operated more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.
  • Efficiency increase: IT systems can help to optimise the fuel or energy consumption of vehicles and thus reduce CO2 emissions. For example, intelligent navigation systems can plan traffic in advance and thus reduce fuel and energy consumption.
  • Networking: The networking of vehicles and transport infrastructure can help to make traffic more fluid and environmentally friendly. For example, IT systems can help to avoid traffic jams and thus reduce fuel consumption.
  • Sustainable production: The automotive industry can also become more environmentally friendly by using green IT in the production of vehicles. For example, IT systems can help optimise the use of resources such as energy, materials and bolting tools.

By using green IT in the automotive industry, companies can help reduce their CO2 emissions, conserve resources and thus contribute to climate protection. At the same time, they can also reduce costs and strengthen their image as an environmentally conscious company.

And the best: High-end software from ATON is consistently optimised for green IT and sustainability. And this has been the case for more than 30 years. Optimal software development for optimal production results for our customers. Ecological, future-oriented and highly profitable. Contact us - together we will find a simple way to optimise your production even further, taking into account the special features of your company or production. Safe!

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