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Interface Management

Interfaces and interface management in the automotive industry

Interface management involves the continuous optimisation and monitoring of the interfaces between different departments and processes within a company. In automotive production, interface management is particularly relevant because there are a large number of departments, partner companies, automation processes and IT systems that all have to work together optimally in order to ultimately produce a high-quality automobile at the planned time, effectively and efficiently.

Interface management in automotive production involves monitoring various processes such as technical development, manufacturing, logistics and supply chains. The primary goal is to ensure smooth communication between these departments and processes in order to minimise production constraints in the form of production interruptions as well as production downtime.

To achieve effective interface management, car manufacturers need to continuously evaluate and improve their processes. They should have a strong management team that is able to solve challenges in real time, minimise risks and ensure continuous improvement. Due to the expert knowledge required for this, the involvement of specialised service providers proves to be a particular success factor in this context in order to realise the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Overall, interface management in automotive production is a crucial part of the production process. It helps to improve quality and efficiency and to ensure that the final product meets the high standards of the automotive industry.

ATON - Perfection in the management of software interfaces

With more than 30 years of in-depth experience in interfaces and interface management as a partner of the most renowned, important and successful automotive manufacturers, ATON is rightly considered a true expert by the global players in the automotive industry.

With the NEXUM® product family, ATON GmbH has set standards in automotive production even in high-end software development and revolutionised interface management.

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