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Modern factory automation

Factory and production automation in general

Factory automation refers to the use of automated systems and technologies in the manufacturing of products. It involves the integration of technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensing and data analytics into production processes to increase efficiency, quality, precision and flexibility and reduce reliance on human labour.

Factory automation can be used in various sectors, including the automotive industry, electronics, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and many others. Automated systems can be used in the production of components, assembly, packaging, quality control, material handling and storage.

The benefits of factory automation are many, including increased productivity, better quality, shorter cycle times, lower costs, increased flexibility and improved workplace safety. In addition, automated systems can help alleviate labour shortages in the manufacturing industry and increase competitiveness.

Factory automation in the automotive industry / in automotive engineering

Factory automation in the automotive industry plays a particularly important role. In automotive production, automated systems such as robots and computer-controlled machines (e.g. screwdriving tools) can be used to streamline and optimise the production of vehicles.

Automation can be used in various areas of automotive production, such as body manufacturing, component assembly and final vehicle assembly. Robotic systems can help automate heavy and repetitive tasks normally performed by workers, such as welding parts and assembling components.

By automating production, manufacturers can increase production speed, reduce material consumption and scrap rates, and improve production quality and accuracy. Automation can also help increase workplace safety by keeping dangerous or strenuous tasks away from workers.

The automotive industry has already made great strides in implementing factory automation, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Not least thanks to the software development of ATON GmbH.

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