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Screw Data Management

Screw data in general

Screw data and screw data management represent an extremely complex field of knowledge that goes far beyond the mere "tightening of bolts". Rather, technical terms such as tightening torque, torque, angle of rotation, preload force, friction, lubrication, screw locking, thread diameter or even thread depth play a special role? These terms are familiar to you and do not present you with any challenges? Then you are undoubtedly a specialist. Just like ATON, because screw data management is the daily business of ATON GmbH.

Quality and safety for your production

Screwdriving technology occupies a special position in automotive manufacturing, as even in an average mid-range vehicle several hundred safety-critical screwdriving joints have to be made. The number of non-safety-critical bolted connections even runs into the thousands. These bolted joints or the corresponding screwdriving processes must be standardised in automotive production in terms of both quantity and quality and defined in reproducible processes.

Let's first look at the safety-critical screw connections in automotive manufacturing, such as axles, engines, gearboxes, brakes, clutches, wheels, doors, airbags, seats, belts as well as the entire cockpit.

In addition to the design, the design-related dimensions, the materials used and the tightening forces are decisive for a successful bolted joint.

The torques that occur range from a few Newton metres for small brackets and hinges to several hundred Newton metres for engine, gearbox and chassis connections.

In order to ensure that the requirements for quality and safety rightly demanded by customers and supervisory authorities are met in a standardised manner, not only perfectly working nutrunner tools are required, but also perfectly working control systems that receive the production commands from the higher-level factory control system, prioritise them, control the nutrunner tools and receive the nutrunner results back from them after the nutrunner process has been completed.

The quality-relevant screwdriving results are documented accordingly at the request of quality assurance and stored in an audit-proof manner so that individual quality data of the produced vehicles can still be accessed on this screwdriving data even after many years.

ATON - Perfection for your success

With more than 30 years of extremely well-founded experience with screw data as well as screw data management as a partner of the most renowned, significant and successful automobile manufacturers, ATON can rightly be called a true pioneer in this field.

With the NEXUM® product family, ATON GmbH has set standards in software development for automotive production and revolutionised screw data management.

  • NEXUM® receives the production orders from the higher-level factory control system
  • NEXUM® prioritises the production orders, controls screwdriving tools - whether with or without PLC - and releases the associated screwdriving programs
  • NEXUM® receives the detailed screw data back after the screwing process
  • NEXUM® stores the quality-relevant screwdriving data and passes it on to the QA system

NEXUM® - The complete screw data management for your automotive production from one source. Perfectly interlocked with factory control, planners, workers and QA. Without friction losses. Simply produce safely and without problems - that's what NEXUM stands for.®!

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